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#TeachingDays #LeadershipLessons #Reflections #TeachForIndia

This page is a collection of all my memoirs from my two years as a Teach For India Fellow. Some of the articles have, over the years, got significant readership from prospective applicants who want to understand the Fellowship. Moving forward, I hope this page can serve as a one-stop catalogue of my experiences and stories.

Learning the Art of Conversation – Part 2 #TeachingDays

Teaching in public schools often fails because of the assumption that the profession involves working just with students. In making this assumption, one forgets the fact that teaching is essentially leadership – and as a leader, you work with the entire ecosystem involving all stakeholders, never just the direct beneficiary.

Teaching Our Children Self-Awareness is Essential to Education

Towards the fag end of my two-year Teach For India Fellowship, I wrote in detail about self-awareness as an important element of excellent education. Observing the real world now for a year and a half since I quit teaching, my understanding of what education must unconditionally achieve for our children has again and again led me back to the same answer: awareness of self and others.

On True Education

True education can’t be defined as the accomplishment of something, since true education never ends. Instead, true education is more a measure of intent and habits in life. It is not the state of rest or of motion; it actually is the velocity with which you are travelling that journey of education, which shows how truly educated you are.