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Problems with Indian news satire

This piece was published by media watchdog The Hoot, on March 11, 2016.

Unlike other kinds of online content, news satire has evolved shockingly slowly in India. Stories written on popular news satire portals still follow an obsolete, formulaic structure which has not matured much since they started. Despite the continuing lack of enough players, the failure needs to be documented, considering the sheer promise news satire showed at the beginning of this decade.

Some of the issue is to do with the quality of readership, but quality of content and readership have the mutual responsibility of steering each other forward. Now with readership guaranteed, established players like Faking News and The UnReal Times have the space to move the art ahead in a progressive direction, in a professional manner. Yet, in terms of quality and global relevance, we are far behind other international satirical websites.

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