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On True Education

My answer to: What is true education? (To vote and comment on Quora, visit the link here.)

In addition to what the school system teaches, true education is that which instills at least each of the features in a human being mentioned below. Moreover, these features need to be present in the form of life habits, instead of as interests/hobbies.

  • Reading: to understand life, culture and humanity
  • Listening to people: to understand perspectives
  • Thinking for oneself: to form perspectives
  • Expressing: (in speech or in writing) to communicate perspectives
  • Social understanding and sensitization: to understand your fellow humans and work towards betterment
  • Morality: to recognize the good and the bad and apply them in life
  • Knowledge and information: (basics of science, society, politics and history, and current affairs) to know of the human civilization
  • Playing/following a sport: to understand ethics and competition
  • Travelling: to meet people and to see the world
  • Emotional stability: to add strength to life
  • Healthy eating and health consciousness: to use education to enhance life

True education can’t be defined as the accomplishment of something, since true education never ends. Instead, true education is more a measure of intent and habits in life. It is not the state of rest or of motion; it actually is the velocity with which you are travelling that journey of education, which shows how truly educated you are.

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