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High Security Number Plates in India

My answer to: Why do vehicle number plates in India have IND written on them? What is the significance? (To vote and comment on Quora, visit the link here.)

The word “IND” is part of a list of features of the High Security Number Plates, that were introduced as part of a 2005 amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

The rationale behind the high security number plates is obviously, security. Giving it certain distinguishing features is like the “secret” features of a currency note. The new plates are tamper-proof and are secured by a non-removable snap lock. It is virtually impossible to duplicate the snap lock by roadside vendors. These plates provide vehicle-owners security against theft or misuse by terrorists.

Features of high security registration plates:

  • patented chromium-based chakra hologram
  • a laser numbering containing the alpha-numeric identification of both the testing agency and manufacturer
  • a retro-reflective film bearing a verification inscription “India” at a 45-degree inclination
  • numbers and letters are embossed on the plate for better visibility
  • the letters “IND” are printed in a light shade of blue on the observer’s left side under the hologram
  • made of 1 mm aluminum strip
  • a registration mark is displayed on the front, rear and the windshield of the cars.
  • a 7 digit unique laser code and a self destructive wind shield sticker
  • a non-removable snap lock that keeps the plate in its place and any attempt to break it or reuse it is not possible, thus preventing any duplication

These number plates also give a standard uniform look. It was really annoying to see vehicles with number plates that focus more on style than legibility. A lot of people also used Devanagari digits and letters, which made it worse for people who don’t know those digits.

You can get these new number plates only at outlets authorized by the transport authorities. Some states have started imposing fines for still having the old number plates. If you haven’t yet got the high security number plate, you should do that soon.

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