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Category: Opinion

Teaching Our Children Self-Awareness is Essential to Education

Towards the fag end of my two-year Teach For India Fellowship, I wrote in detail about self-awareness as an important element of excellent education. Observing the real world now for a year and a half since I quit teaching, my understanding of what education must unconditionally achieve for our children has again and again led me back to the same answer: awareness of self and others.

On the “Kiss of Love” campaign

My opinion varies, depending on what the primary purpose is.

If it’s a protest against cultural fascist groups such as RSS and “custodians” of Hindu culture, it’s not a very meaningful method to use that I find worthwhile. As a protest, its purpose seems to be just to provoke the anger of people who can’t be expected to behave any better, whatever you do. You can’t just go and intentionally irritate/provoke someone and then expect them to agree to your viewpoint.