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मीडिया साक्षरता अभियान – क्या और क्यों?

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Read this post in English here. बच्चों को अक्सर सूचना और जानकारी के स्रोतों का सम्मान करने को कहा जाता है। किताबों के पन्नो पर लिखना गलत माना जाता है, और अखबार पढ़ना या टीवी पर न्यूज़ देखना अच्छी आदतें मानी जाती हैं। “ऐसा न्यूज़ में बता रहे थे” – ये लाइन आपने सुनी ही […]

Teaching liberal arts is essential to create thoughtful citizens

Engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and teachers — all have one thing in common. They all happen to be citizens. Yet, I was able to sail through four years of an engineering course at a top technical university, without giving any significant thought to my citizenship and the intellectual burden it brings. I questioned corruption, but only as […]

Teaching Our Children Self-Awareness is Essential to Education

Towards the fag end of my two-year Teach For India Fellowship, I wrote in detail about self-awareness as an important element of excellent education. Observing the real world now for a year and a half since I quit teaching, my understanding of what education must unconditionally achieve for our children has again and again led me back to the same answer: awareness of self and others.