In an interview with Whereabout

Q: Why did you decide to take a break from NTMN? There are times in life you have to let go. It was a tough moment. For three years, I had given it everything. I hardly had a college life. It was all about NTMN. I had got burnt out with satire.

The Trap Of Ordinariness Is Killing Our Imagination

It takes a good amount of dedication to go head-over-heels for Game of Thrones and memorize the latest music track, or to sit and watch an entire IPL match out of sheer passion. But to be able to survive a life that doesn’t come even close to taking initiative to create and innovate is a failure of education.

On seven years of writing

On this date, seven years ago, I had nothing to do, and I started writing my first piece of recreational creative writing. That turned out to be the last time in life when I had nothing to do.

Where’s our collective sense of responsibility?

We as a nation have for long lacked values of citizenship, which shows up as lack of a collective sense of responsibility. Public order and public dignity is accepted only as public inconvenience. We have our individual values of all kinds based in our religion and family ethics, but a sense of citizenship isn't one of them.

Jan 10 - by Tanay Sukumar - In Opinion

When I left home, but couldn’t…

It was July 10, 2015. It was my last day at Teach For India, the organization I fell in love with and still love. It was the place where in June 2013, I was very aptly welcomed by someone saying "Welcome Home!"